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Digital rights managament

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM restricts the number of times you can burn a song you have downloaded or transfer that song to another computer. ALL of the music in this store is DRM-free. There are no technology imposed usage restrictions on the files you download. You can listen to the files you download wherever  you like as long as it's for your own personal use.

While you won't find DRM in this store, all of the tracks we sell are still protected by copyright law and we ask that you respect that. So if one of your friends wants a copy of something you downloaded, do us and the artists you support a favor and tell them to go buy a copy here.


MP3 is the file extension for MPEG, audio layer 3. Layer 3 is one of three coding schemes (layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3) for the compression of audiosignals. Layer 3 uses perceptual audio coding and psychoacoustic compression to remove all superfluous information (more specifically, the redundant and irrelevant parts of a sound signal. The stuff the human ear doesn't normally hear anyway). It also adds a MDCT (Modified Discrete Cosine Transform) that implements a filter bank, increasing the frequency resolution 18 times higher than that of layer 2. The result in real terms is layer 3 shrinks the original sound data from a CD (with a *bitrate of 1411.2 kilobits per one second of stereo music) by a factor of 12 (down to 112-128kbps) without sacrificing sound quality. *Bitrate denotes the average number of bits that one second of audio datawill consume.

Because MP3 files are small, they can easily be transferred across the Internet. Controversy arises when copyrighted songs are sold and distributed illegally off of Web sites. On the other hand, musicians may be able to use this technology to distribute their own songs from their own Web sites to their listeners, thus eliminating the need for record companies. Costs to the consumer would decrease, and profits for the musicians would increase.

Types of files

Our store offers highest possible mp3 compression and that is 320kb/s. If you really strive for quality, then you will definitely appreciate much more 'low end' with our second option, PCM CD red book standard (44.1kHz/16 bits) wave format.