Now And Then
Summer Mix

Hey everyone, here it is, new 'Summer Mix' from Jag Kiranmay. It's loaded with real gems. It exclusively includes three of Jag's unreleased tracks. If you are in the mood for slower and darker underground house, you will for sure favour this one. 

Track list:
1. High Flow (Original Mix) - Jag Kiranmay - Seva Records (Unreleased)
2. The One (Original Mix) - Hector - One Records
3. The Only Way (Original Mix) - Hector - One Records
4. Atonale (Afrilounge Remix) - Gwen Maze - Akbal Music
5. So He Finally Called ft. Karina Junker - Chris Lattner - Polar
6. He Couldn't Stand It - Jag Kiranmay - Seva Records (Unreleased)
7. Night Out (Dark Mix) - Jag Kiranmay - Seva Records (Unreleased)
8. Eight To Nine (Afrilounge Remix) - Plasmik - Connaisseur Recordings
9. Ballpark (Original Mix) - Mandy Jordan, Daniel Madlung - Vekton Musik
10. Keep On Waiting (Original Mix) - Mario Aureo - Soulfooled

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