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Here on our download page you will find a whole host of In-House mixes, bonus tracks and remixes from artists on our label – all absolutely free! Each can be previewed direct from this page, or if you want to get your hands on the full 320kps versions, simply click on the ‘download’ link and enter your login details (if you don’t already have an account, the registration process is a doddle). Of course, we always look forward to getting feedback, so after you have sampled some of the delights, be sure to get in touch. Enjoy the music!


Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (16.1.2014) Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (16.1.2014)  FREE DOWNLOAD

Hey everyone, after sometime we are getting caught up on things. Here is another great session from BPM.DJ during the regular 'House After 10 PM' series. 
You can enjoy one hour of pure underground bliss...

Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (26.9.2013) Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (26.9.2013)  FREE DOWNLOAD

Hey everyone, here is another recording from our last BPM.DJ session. Loads of quality house tunes. 

Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (28.8.2013) Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (28.8.2013)  FREE DOWNLOAD

Hi guys, here is a recording from last Jag Kiranmay's BPM.DJ session. As always, nice sounds from the latest underground house. 

Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (31.7.2013) Jag Kiranmay live @ BPM.DJ (31.7.2013)  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey guys, here is some of the footage from BPM session from 31.7.2013. It's packing laods of great tunes.
Hopufully, you will enjoy this ..
And as always show us some love by folliwing us! Wish you all lots of great music!!

Ninezeronine - Cafe 1001 - London Ninezeronine - Cafe 1001 - London  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey guys, here is a little bit of the vibe that we enjoyed at the 'Ninezeronine' gig in London. Many thanks to our friend Rico for making this happen! Cafe 1001 is somehow special, quite a few friends came out and all together we had lots of fun. 
You can download the recording straight from here or typically you can navigate to soundcloud and nick it right there. And don't be shy to leave a comment or two!
Enjoy this recording and as always feel free to drop us a line :-)

Seva Records @ House FM radio Seva Records @ House FM radio  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hi everyone, we had quite a lot of you asking for a download link of the HouseFM session on 22.6. Well, here is a full hour recording from the radio. Feel free to download it straight from here or alternatively navigate to Jag Kiranmay's soundcloud page. Wish you enjoyable listening! 

January Mix - For The Love Of House January Mix - For The Love Of House  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Fresh start with fresh mix. Here is a new January 'For The Love Of House' mix by Jag Kiranmay. As always, it's packed with loads of nice vibes mapping the latest of underground house. You can donwload the mix either from soundcloud page or straght from here as a zip file along with the cover art. Just head over to the 'downloads' section and get down to it.

December Mix December Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey everyone, here is a new mix comprising some of the tunes that Jag has lately come across. As he puts it, without a doubt, there are many many more amazing tunes out there right now, and you can definitely look forward for anther mix very soon.We truly hope that everyone will enjoy this mix. We'd like to wish everyone a great month of December and peaceful beginning of 2013.. Seva Records

October Mix October Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey guys, here is a new mix from Jag. It's packing up lots of goodies. If you love dark deep and groovy stuff, then do not go anywhere else, you will for sure indulge in this. As always, listen straight from here or download a zip file and load up your iPod.


Hey everyone, here it is, new 'Summer Mix' from Jag Kiranmay. It's loaded with real gems. It exclusively includes three of Jag's unreleased tracks. If you are in the mood for slower and darker underground house, you will for sure favour this one. 


Hey everyone, just added a new mix for May, a bit late but better late than never :)) A little over an hour journey of selected perhpas more upbeat stuff than the usual selection. 
As usual, if you feel motivated enough, please feel free to leave a comment on Jag's soundcloud page.

Enjoy and speak to you soon: Seva Rec


Hey everyone, just uploaded a new mix from Jag Kiranmay. April Mix is one hour journey of pure house. Jag's latest mix offers progressively developing sound that doesn't stagnate and above all, sound that keeps you entertained.



Hey all house music connoisseur, new March promo mix uploaded. Jag put together rather hypnotic 123 BPM mix. If you like deep driving bass grooves interspersed with deep house vocals, you'll get to like this one.
As always, head over to the 'downloads' section and arm your favorite mp3 player.

Beneath The Surface Vol.2 Beneath The Surface Vol.2  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

If you enjoyed 'Beneath The Surface Vol.1 then you are likely to embrace this one as well. Adam Merten delivers 'The Beneath The Surface Mix Vol.2', focusing mainly on unusal sonic imprints appearing mostly on those overlooked b-sides. This over 2 hour mix offers number of elusive tracks. It's dark, deep and brimming with groove. Without furter ado, get this download and delve fully in it. 

Beneath The Surface Vol.1 Beneath The Surface Vol.1  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Ready for handsome dose of underground house. Look no more, Adam Merten's 'Beneath The Surface Vol.1 Mix has it all. Almost 70 minutes of pure underground house obscurities ranging from deep tech house to deep techno. We really hope you guys will enjoy this one.
Please let us know your thoughts and show your support by liking us on facebook. 

February Mix February Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey guys, here we come again! 2012 undoubtedly here and we are set to be extraordinarily busy. We have a new mix from Jag Kiranmay. Jag has prepared a fine selection of some of his favs over the last couple of months. If you favor dark and deep sounds, you will definitely dig this one. So without further ado, sit back and enjoy.

Lemon-Aid Mix Lemon-Aid Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey everyone, Adam Merten brings a yet another mix of real underground house tunes. Two hours of unabating house march will certainly keep you entertained. Like always load your favorite mp3 players and enjoy house music bliss. 

It's Cold Mix It's Cold Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey everyone, here is a latest mix from Adam Merten. It provides a perfect blend of tunes for gloomy cold weather. As always, Adam meticously hand picked these tunes and concocts a motley smorgasbord of real house bites. Without further ado download the zipfile, which includes a tracklist and plunge yourself into house haven :)

October Promo Mix 2011 October Promo Mix 2011  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey people, new october mix by Jag Kiranmay. One hour of house music diversion. Lots of new tunes that will certainly keep you moving. So without further ado, hit download button and reload your mp3 player!
I hope you will enjoy, and as always feedback is appreciated. Seva Rec.

South West Four Mix South West Four Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

South West Four Mix for DJ Competion. Yes, Adam Merten brings yet another mix of quallity underground house tunes. This time around it is for Dj competition for SW4 click. Please support him by leaving a comment down here within the soundcloud player. SW4 Mix is a collection of meticulously picked tracks comprising the latest house underground releases. Don't miss out on these treasures. 
You can listen to the entire mix here, download it through soundcloud or get the zip file with the art work and the full track list.
We hope you will enjoy this!

Summer Vocal Mix 2011 Summer Vocal Mix 2011  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Adam Merten delivers another fine-picked and extensive mix. You are in for 3 hours of unabating dose of electronica. Rather eclectic, however, still within the house realm. Gently starting off with Mario&Vidis' I'll be gone where Jazzu's vocal nicely ushers you into the mix. Before long an incospicoously 'Headphone silence' creeps in to liven up the journey. We're talking 3 hours here so download the entire mix and arm your mp3 players. 

You can either hit the download button here to also get the artwork and the tracklist or simply just download the mix through the soundcloud player. And please do leave us a feedack, ideally withing the soundcloud domain.

Greenfields Promo Mix 2011 Greenfields Promo Mix 2011  FREE DOWNLOAD

In his latest endeavor, Adam Merten delivers a rather eclectic collection of finely picked melodies that surely secure interesting sonic fusion. Do you like a surprise? Then definitely delve into this 55 minute journey full of house music gems. 


And as always, the mix can be previewed straight from here via the soundcloud player. Feel free to leave a comment. – Fancy arming your mp3 gun, nothing easier than clicking either the soundcloud download player or download button on the site to get the art work as well.

Seva Records Promo 2011 Mix Seva Records Promo 2011 Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hey guys, new mix by Adam Merten just added. It's packed with latest heavy hitters from the underground clubland. Although it is a rather eclectic mix, Adam strictly stays off the mainstream house jaws. 

The mix can be previewed right here, or you can take advantage of the full 320kps version (with full bass and extra sonic clarity) by clicking on the download link above – So arm your mp3 guns and set out for the incredible journey! 

Congrats to the Wachtlers - Nuh Disco Mix Congrats to the Wachtlers - Nuh Disco Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Hello there people, another 3 hour mix by Adam Merten. Originally made for a friend's wedding. This one is quite different from the usual stuff Adam mixes. If you ever wished you lived in the 80's, then you've got to listen to this:) Full on melody and 80's like Nu Disco stuff starting with a bit of chill out to warm up. Although it might sound too commercial for some, We can assure you that these are quality tunes. Plus, as Adam told us it was a real struggle to mix this stuff. Enjoy!

Techno Affairs Techno Affairs  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Jag Kiranmay delivers a new techno mix. You can enjoy a 80 minutes of the latest banging techno tracks.

Jag Kiranmay’s ‘Techno Affairs’ is an electrifying collection of the latest tracks from the techno genre. Offering 80 minutes of the most innovative and irresistible new releases, this expertly-assembled mix is sure to please the purest of techno fans. Techno Affairs is an intense high-octane ride, kicking off with a bang and getting louder every step of the way – if you like your techno deep, dark and straight to the point, this one’s definitely for you. The mix can be previewed right here, or you can take advantage of the full 320kps version (with full bass and extra sonic clarity) by clicking on the download link above – after you enter your email address and click the OK button, the download will begin straight away!

Tech-House Seductions Tech-House Seductions   FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

The long-awaited ‘Tech House Seductions’ from Jag Kiranmay has finally arrived. The Czech DJ and producer has assembled a 14-track mix that delivers over one and a half hours of  dynamic twisting grooves, tying a seamless line between tech house and techno-inspired tunes along the way. You can preview the mix right here, or if you want to get the bass pumping, you can download the 320kbps version (with snazzy cover art included). Just click on the download link above – once you enter your email address and password (if you don’t already have an account, signing up only takes a few clicks) the mp3 can be downloaded in a zip file. As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so be sure to get in touch! Peace and love, IHR. 

Pre-Summer Mix 2010 Pre-Summer Mix 2010  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Brand new mix by Adam Merten. Pre-Summer Mix 2010 is packed with the latest in 'Tech-House'. Another three-hour journey that will definitely appease your 'tech-house' souls. Please have a listen and of course feel free to download it to your ipods or other mp3 players. All you have to do is to enter your email address and a password. It's that easy!

Pre-Summer Mix (2009) Pre-Summer Mix (2009)  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

Pre-Summer Mix by Adam Merten. This three hour 'tech-house' mix offers a wide range of tech-house/house moods. Just put on your headphones and let the music take you on a long journey. To download the entire three-part mix as a zip file, just quickly register with us and go back to downloads. The full track-list can be found by clicking on the title.

Deep House Seductions Mix Deep House Seductions Mix  FREE DOWNLOAD PREVIEW

For ‘Deep House Seductions’, Jag Kiranmay has hand-picked an eclectic range of deep house classics and innovative grooves from some of the finest DJs and producers of the genre. A total of twelve tracks take you on a journey through Chicago-style soundscapes, vocal-spinning beats and tiny twists of disco-chic, all running along a moodier and minimal theme. Deep House Seductions can be previewed from this page, or to listen to the full sonic effect coming through your speakers, you can download the 320kbps version – with the added bonus of some tasty album cover art. Click on the download link, enter your login details (if you don’t have an account, you can set one up in no time) and you should see the download window popping up on your screen – how easier can it be? Also, be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think. IHR.