Now And Then

Jag Kiranmay


Jag Kiranmay

Jag’s musical interests began at a young age, with his first love being the electric guitar. At 14, he formed a band, and it was here that he began to develop his sound-shaping skills. But it was when he relocated to the US that he found his true calling in electronic music, inspired by Orbital and Future Sound of London.

The South Florida dance scene of the mid 90’s was where Jag made his name behind the decks, becoming a regular DJ at parties and clubs in the area. His first major gig came at the Ultra Music Festival in 2001, helping set up a stage with his audio engineering partner and where he played to a packed party crowd.

In 2005, Jag completed a two-year course at the School of Audio Engineering in Miami, but decided to develop his knowledge further, going on to complete a BC degree in Audio Engineering in London.

Although he was mostly known for spinning techno – from the likes of Adam Bayer, Valentino Kanzyani and Brian Zents – after leaving the US, Jag sought to focus his talents on producing his own music. He is currently based in the Czech capital, Prague, where he runs his own production and mastering studio. 

Sonically speaking, he is hard to pin down. The influences of Jag’s diverse career can be easily heard throughout his releases on the In-House label. Jumping from genres such as funky, vocal and tech-house to ambient and chillout, each track highlights his ability to adapt to different areas.

But as much as he is a fan of contrasting styles, Jag claims that he avoids ‘classifying’ music – as he likes to sum it up concisely, “what’s good is good”.


Various Tracks EP
SEV005 22.7.2013

Ambiguity EP

Zero Point EP
SEV004 5.2.2013

One Culture
SEV010 2015-03-04

Night Out EP
SEV003 27.9.2012

Good Referral
SEV009 2014-12-09

Port Five
SEV002 16.5.2012

Now And Then

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