Now And Then

Jag Kiranmay

Jag Kiranmay Jag Kiranmay is becoming known for his versatile presence within the house music scene. This Czech-born DJ and producer has already had a long and varied career, taking him from his homeland to far-flung locations such as Florida and London, and has honed his talents with an eclectic and open-minded approach to creating music.

James Valpy

James Valpy Producer & Fanatic of Techno & House. Surrounded by drum beats whilst growing up, Valpy has developed a raw passion for music from an early age. Originally cutting his teeth on the European scene in destinations such as Amsterdam and Ibiza. It was in Ibiza where he found his love for various forms of House & Techno, after many nights spent..


Lozan Lozan loves making house music. Lozan comes from humble beginnings and that largely forms his signature sound. His musical output is so unique that you know after first bar that it must be him. Music is however his secondary passion. Lozan spends most of his time on life changing project to improve his sourroundings and community.


Satori Satori is a Chillout/ Downtempo artist that has followed his own path through the ambient landscapes, introducing new experimental elements against the musical horizon. Satori’s style encapsulates the quintessential of the finest music from the genre, while breaking boundaries with unique explorations in sound and inimitable grooves.