Now And Then


Based in London and with a sister office in Prague, Seva Records is part of the production and online music mastering company, SoundDali.com. The result of the passion and hard work of numerous DJs, producers and industry professionals, we are a record label that strives to put great music first.

The electronic music scene is one that is constantly growing and it is our ambition to be an established name in this vibrant market, while staying true to the ethos of the ‘independent label’.

As Seva Records is run by artists, we want freedom for the artists and the music. We always work in collaboration with the DJs and producers on our label – as well as the fans. The Seva Records' goal is to give other dance music innovators a platform to showcase their talents, while bringing the best in new and cutting-edge house music to a wider audience.

So how do we plan to do this? Seva Records is aiming to create its very own European brand club night, which will bring the label’s breakthrough house music to several cities on the continent. Our priority is to not blindly promote artists, but to focus on building a direct connection to the audience – relying on outdated promotional trends is something we never do.

We want to hear from anyone who has the same passion and love for dance music as we do. Although we mainly focus on ‘house’, 'tribal' and 'deep house’, we are constantly on the lookout for DJs and producers of any sub-genre. If you think you have what it takes, send us a demo – if we like the sound of what we hear, we’ll definitely be in touch.

For the latest Seva Records releases and upcoming events, be sure to check out the 'News' section of the site.